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Learn to Speak French - At Work

Je suis toujours occupe. I am always busy.
Quelque fois j'ai besoin du temps libre. Sometimes I need some free time.
Je prends les vacances en aout. I take vacation in August.
Heursement, je recois une mois de vacances par an. Fortunately, I receive one month vacation per year.
Quelque fois j'aimerais prendre un jour de conge. Sometimes I like to take a day off.
J'ai un horaire tres, tres occupe. I have a schedule that is very, very busy.
Il y a toujours un rendezvous ou un reunion There is always an appointment or a meeting.
En plus, j'ai le personell a gerer. In addition, I have the staff to manage.
Il y toujours un projet qu'il faut completer, ou un proposition a faire. There is always a project to complete, or a proposal to make.
Comme j'ai dite, Je suis toujours occupe. As I said, I am always busy.

Moi, je ne suis jamais occupe. I am never busy.
J'ai un metier tres facile et agreable. I have an easy and enjoyable job.
Je ne suis jamais prese. J'arrive et je part n'import quand. I'm never in a hurry and I come in and leave whenever I want (n'import quand=no matter when).
Ma belle-mere croit que je suis un bon pour rien. My mother in law thinks I am a good for nothing.

Here are some items you might find in the office. Using the directions and questions below, try to form some sentences and questions of your own.

Le Dictionnaire The dictionary
Le Stylo The pen
Le crayon The pencil
Le bureau The desk
Le tiroir The drawer
La chaise The chair
Le livre The book

Puis-j'emprunter May I borrow
Ou est le Where is the
Il est sur le It is on the
Il est dans It is in the
Il est sous le Under the
Le caillier The folder
Le telephone The telephone
L'ordinateur The computer
Le rapport The report
Le dossier The file
Le classeur The file cabinet
L'agrapheuse The stapler

Oui, bien sur Yes, of course
Pas de problem No problem
D'acord OK

Que faites vous? What do you do?
Ques fait tu? What do you do?

Here are some of the many occupations you can have. Find yours and learn how to use it in your conversation. It makes it a lot easier to have a conversation with someone with whom you have something in common.

Comptable Accountant
Avocat(e) Lawyer
Medicin(e) Doctor
Programeur Programmer
Programeuse Programmer
Hommes d'affaires Businessman
Femmes d'affaires Businesswoman
Vendeur Salesman
Vendeuse Saleswoman
Cassier Cashier
Cassiere Cashier
Ingenieur Engineer
Ingenieuse Engineer
Secretaire Secretary
Acteur Actor
Actrice Actress
Etudiant(e) Student
Professeur(e) Professor

And where do we work?

Le medicin travail a l'hopital. The doctor works at the hospital.
Le libraire travail a la librairie. The bookseller works at the bookstore.
Le pharmacien travail a la pharmacie. The pharmacist works at the pharmacy.
L'epicier(e) travail a l'epicerie. The grocer works at the grocery store.
Le (la) boulanger(ere) travail a la boulangerie. The baker works at the bakery.
Le bijoutier travail a la bijouterie. The jeweler works at the jewelry store.

Try a few of these on your own.

What Did We Learn?

  1. I am always busy, but I take vacation in July. Je suis toujours _______, mais je prends les vacance en _______.
  2. I receive six weeks vacation per year. Je recois ____ ______ de vacances par __.
  3. Qui travail a l'hopital? __ ______ travail a l'hopital.
  4. Qui travail a la boulangerie? _________________________________________.
  5. Where is the Johnson file? It is on Steven's desk. (le bureau de Stephen).
  6. May I borrow your pen?
  7. Yes, of course you may borrow my pen.
  8. There is always a project to complete.
  9. There is always work to do.
  10. I have worked for this company (cette societe) for 10 years.


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