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A l'Hotel

You may want to choose your hotel before you arrive.

Pouvez-vous me recommender un hotel, pas trop cher? Can you recommend to me a hotel, not too expensive?
L' hotel Etoile. C'est un excellent hotel, pres d'ici. The Star Hotel. It's an excellent hotel, near here

Let's go to a hotel and find a room.

Avez-vous des chambres libres? Do you have any rooms free?
Est-ce vous avez un chambre a deux lits? Do you have a double room?
Seulement au deuxieme etage, monsieur. Only on the second floor, sir.
Et le prix? Combien est-ce? And the price? How much is it?
Deux cents euros par jour. Two hundred Euros a day.
Mais, mon ami m'a dit que c'est un hotel pas trop cher. But my friend said this not a very expensive hotel.
Vous etes en Paris, monsieur. You are in Paris, sir.
Est-que le petit dejeuner est compris? Is breakfast included?
Main non, monsieur, c'est a part. Oh, no, sir, it is extra.
Paris est certainement cher. Paris certainly is expensive.
Puis-je voir la chambre? May I see the room?
Avec plaisir, monsieur. With pleasure, sir.
Cette chambre est tres agreable. Elle donnne sur le jardin. This room is very pleasant. It looks onto the garden.
Bon, je prends cette chambre. Fine, I'll take this room.
Le numero onze, alors. Le valet va monter vos bagages. Room eleven, then. The valet will take your bags up.

Alors, quel hotel choisis-tu? So, which hotel do you choose?
Descendons a l Hotel de la Gare. C'est tout pres de la gare. C'est plues pratique, c'est plus facile avec les bagages et c'est l' hotel le moin cher. We will go to the Station Hotel. It is right next to the station. It is more practical, it's easier with the baggage and it's the cheapest hotel.
Oui, d'accord mai sil y a aussi l' Hotel des Voyageurs. C'est aussi tout pres de la gare. Alor, quel hotel choisis-tu? Oh, OK, but there is also the Travelers Hotel. It's also near the station. Which hotel do you choose?
Oh je te laisse chiosir, c'est plus simple. Oh, I leave it to you to decide, it's simpler.
Dans ce cas je choisis l' Hotel du Centre. C'est plus loin de la gare mais c'est certainement plus confortable. In that case, I choose the Hotel Central. It's further from the station, but certainly more comfortable.

You see that there are four ways to say "of the".
de l' Hotel
l' Hotel de la Gare
l' Hotel des Voyageurs
l' Hotel du Centre

De + la= de la (Rue de la Cite)
De + le= du (Rue du Port)
De + l'= de l' (Rue de l'Europe)
De + les= des (Place des Quebecois)

We have also had a chance to practice the "IR" verbs. Note the endings on the "IR" verbs.

Je choisis I choose Nous choisissons We choose
Tu choisis You choose Vous choisissez You choose
Il/elle choisit S/he chooses Ils/Elles choisissent They choose

What Did We Learn?

  1. Can you recommend a restaurant?
  2. How much is this room? 150 Euros per day.
  3. Is breakfast included?
  4. May I see the room?
  5. I choose this hotel; it is more practical.
  6. The Central Hotel is near the center of the city; the Station Hotel is near the station and the Tower Hotel is near the Eiffel Tower.
  7. Let's go to each hotel. We'll look at the rooms and decide (decider).
  8. I choose based (sur) on the price!
  9. I hope breakfast is included.
  10. There are no free rooms.


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