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By subway

Au Metro:

Il faut que j'achete des tickets. I have to buy tickets
On en a, nous, des tickets. Nous avons achete la Carte Orange. We have tickets. We bought the Orange Card (long term ticket for the metro which allows trips on other transports as well).
Pardon madame, c'est combien la Carte Mobilis, zone un et deux? Excuse me, Madam, how much is it for the Mobilis Card, zones one and two?
Cela depend ou vous allez et combien de voyages differents vous allez faire. That depends on where you go and how many different trips you are going to make.
Ah oui, je vois. Je vais prendre un carnet de tickets s'il vous plait. Oh yes, I see. I'll take a book of tickets, please.
Moi, je sais quelle ligne il faut prendre, c'est la ligne 1, en direction de la Grande Arche de La Defense. C'est facile, il n'y a meme pas de changements. I know which line we have to take; it's line 1, Grande Arche de La Defense direction. Then, there are no changes.
Et pour rentre c'est la direction Porte de Vincennes. A quelle station on descend? And to return, it's direction Porte de Vincennes. What station do we go in (descend)?
On a le choix entre La Porte Maillot et les Sablons. C'est plus ou moin la meme distance. Si on descend aux Sablons on peut prendre le petit train du Bois de Boulogne. We have a choice between La Porte Maillot and the Sablons. It's more or less the same distance. If we go to Sablons, we can take the little Bois de Boulogne train.

"Meme" means "the same" (la meme distance), but it is also used "as well, also, in this case" (il n'y a meme pas de changements).

You can buy multi-trip discount tickets, or flat fee tickets for many different travel routes in Paris. Traveling around Paris you can use the bus or the metro which are run by the R.A. T. P. (Reseau Autonome des Transports Parisiens) and the R.E.R (Reseau Express Regional) a train service which serves the Parisian suburbs.

Normally, there are two separate words for ticket in French. “Un billet” for the train, and “un ticket de bus/de metro”. Commuters have a range of season tickets, but visitors buy individual tickets, or a book of ten trips (un carnet de tickets) or “la carte Mobilis” (a one day card for all zones) or “la carte Orange (a one week card).

As long as you are within Paris, you can travel anyone where on the metro on one ticket, whether you go one stop or ten stops, as long as you do not leave and then re-enter the metro system. If you plan on doing that, you are better off with one of the discount cards. Especially for tourists, there is the “Paris Visite” card. Try to translate the description:

C’est la carte idéale pour voyager sur tous les réseaux de transports urbain d’Ile-de-France dans la limite des zones choisie pendant (during) 1,2,3 ou 5 jours.

What Did We Learn?

Lets match the French expressions with the English ones.

1. Il faut que j'achete des tickets. a. Oh yes, I see.
2. C'est combien la Carte Mobilis? b. Which station do we go in?
3. Ah oui, je vois. c. I'll take 2 tickets, please
4. Je vais prendre un carnet de tickets s'il vous plait. d. Are there any changes?
5. Il nous faut prendre ligne 1, direction Grande Arche de la Defense. e. We have to take line 1,
Grande Arch direction.
6. A quelle station on descend? f. How much for the Carte
7. Paris Visite est la carte ideal pour voyager en Paris g. I have to buy tickets.
8. Cela depend ou vous allez h. I'll take a book of tickets, please.
9. Je prends deux tickets, s'il vous plait. i. Paris Visite is the ideal card for traveling in Paris..
10. Est'ce qui'il y a des changements?


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