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common french phrases

Well, after all that shopping, we need to find a place to relax. We can go to a cafe and have a coffee, or we can have something a little stronger.

Avez-vous du vin rouge? Do you have red wine?

We have already talked about the easy to form a question by simply taking the sentence and adding est'ce que before it. For example, "C'est Marie" becomes "Est-ce que Marie?" The other way of using the interrogative (asking a question) is to invert the noun and the verb. We do this all of the time in English. We walk. Do we walk? This is the same construction we are using here. "Vous avez du vin rouge"-"You have red wine" becomes "Avez-vous du vin rouge?" "Do you have red wine?" You simply have to reverse the subject of the sentence with the verb. Let's try it now.

Vous avez une grande maison. Avez-vous une grande maison?
You have a big house. Do you have a big house?

Vous jouez au tennis. Jouez-vous au tennis?
You play tennis. Do you play tennis?

Voulez vous prendre un verre avec moi? Would you like to have a drink with me? (Literally, would you like to take a glass with me?)

Voluntier. I'd love to.

Pourquoi pas a sept heures au restaurant Chez Jean? How about at seven o'clock at Chez Jean?

And what can we drink?

Du cafe Some coffee
Du the Some tea
Un boutielle d'eau minerale A bottle of mineral water
Un verre de vin A glass of wine
De la biere Some beer
Le whiskey Whiskey
Le Gin Gin
Le Vodka Vodka
Un aperitif A cocktail

Now that we have had a drink together, let's try some other social scenes.

Voulez vous dejeuner avec moi? Would you like to have lunch with me?
Voulez vous diner avec moi? Would you like to have dinner with me?
Voulez vous prendre le petit dejeuner avec moi? Would you like to have breakfast with me?

Hopefully, you will always receive the same reply:
Voluntier! I'd love to!

Some other social situations:

Je vous present mon ami I'd like you to meet my friend (formal)
C'et mon ami This is my friend (informal)
Ravi de faire votre connaissance. Nice to meet you
Moi aussi Me, too

What Did We Learn?

  1. Do you have white wine?
  2. Do you play tennis every day?
  3. Do you have children? (des enfants)
  4. Now let's order some things to drink

  5. I'll take coffee.
  6. I prefer beer.
  7. I would like a gin and tonic.
  8. And a little socialization

  9. Would you like to have breakfast, lunch, dinner with me?
  10. This is my friend, Marie
  11. Would you like to play tennis with me?
  12. Would you like to have a drink with me?


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