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French Days of the Week

Days, dates and times are very important, especially if you are on a schedule and need to catch planes or trains, meet people, etc. First, let's look at the days of the week.

Day of the Week French Pronunciation
Monday Lundi Luhn dee
Tuesday Mardi Mar dee
Wednesday Mercredi Mare cra dee
Thursday Jeudi Juh (very soft "j")dee
Friday Vendredi Von druh dee
Saturday Samedi Sam dee
Sunday Dimanche Dee mahnch

You already know some French days such as Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday, and you also may know Father Samedi from movies that have voodoo scenes.

In French, when we ask what day it is, we say "It is which day today?". "C'est quel jour aujourd'hui?" (say kell jur (soft "j") oh jur du ee). The response is "C'est aujourd'hui lundi" (Sayt oh jur doo e luhn dee) or "C'est aujourd'hui lundi, le dix Decembre". "Today is Monday" or "Today is Monday, the 10th of December." (Sayt oh jur doo e luhn dee, luh deess day sahm bre)

Now you have to try "It's Tuesday, the 6th of June", and so forth. Here are the first 30 numbers, and the months of the year so that you can put all of these together.

Number French Pronunciation   Number French Pronunciation
One Un Unh   Sixteen Seize Sees
Two Deux Dooh   Seventeen Dix-Sept Dee set
Three Trois Trah   Eighteen Dix-Huit Deez wheat
Four Quatre Cat truh   Nineteen Dix-Neuf Deez nuf
Five Cing Sank   Twenty Vingt Vant
Six Six Seess   Twenty One Vingt et un Vant eh unh
Seven Sept Set   Twenty Two Vingt deux Vant dooh
Eight Huit Wheat   Twenty Three Vingt Trois Vant trah
Nine Neuf Nuf   Twenty Four Vingt Quatre Vant cat truh
Ten Dix Deess   Twenty Five Vingt Cinq Vant sank
Eleven Onze Owns   Twenty Six Vingt Six Vant seess
Twelve Douze Dues   Twenty Seven Vingt Sept Vant set
Thirteen Treize Trays   Twenty Eight Vingt Huit Vant wheat
Fourteen Quatorze Cat torz   Twenty Nine Vingt Neuf Vant nuf
Fifteen Quinze Cans   Thirty Trente Tront

The months of the year:

January - Janvier (john vee ay)
February - Fevrier (fev ree ay)
March - Mars (marss)
April - Avril (ah vril)
May - Mai (may)
June - Juin (ju ihn)
July - Juillet (ju yay)
August - Aout (oot)
September - Septembre (set tom bruh)
October - Octobre (oc tow bruh)
November - Novembre (no vahm bruh)
December - Decembre (day sahm bruh)

Just start out with "C'est aujourd'hui" then go to each chart and pick a day of the week, a number and a month. Let's try out "It's Tuesday the 6th of June": C'est aujourd'hui le six Juin". Now pick out different days from the calendar and try it out yourself.

What Did We Learn?

  1. The days of the week are Lundi, Mardi, _____, Jeudi, _____ Samedi, Dimanche.
  2. Today is Monday: C'est aujourd'hui ______.
  3. Try this: Mon anniversaire est le __________________________. My birthday is _________________.
  4. Mon jour favori est_______.
  5. C'est aujourd'hui ___________.
  6. January =_______
  7. March =____
  8. December=________
  9. Un, deux, ____quatre, cinq, ___, sept, huit, ____, dix.
  10. Onze, _____, treize, quatorze, _____, seize, dix-sept, dix-____, dix-____, vingt.


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