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There are many short expressions that you will need to memorize to get around in the French language. A number of these are idioms, that is, they don't fall into a normal sentence structure, so just memorize them.

In a shop:
C'est combien? How much is it?
C'est cher. That's expensive
C'est bon marche. That's cheap.
C'est tout. That's all
Je peux payer par cheque? Can I pay by check?
Je peux payer par carte de credit? Can I pay by credit card?
Ou doit-on payer? Where should one pay?

S'il vous plait Please
Merci Thank you
Mais oui! Of course
Merci pour votre aide. Thank you for your help.
Merci beaucoup. Thank you very much
Rien de tout/ pas de tout. You're welcome (It's nothing.)
Je vous en prie. You're welcome. (A more formal way to say thank you- I pray you to have it.)
Excusez-moi. Excuse me.
Pardon. Pardon me.
Bon weekend Have a nice weekend
Bon anniversaire Happy birthday
Bonne Annee Happy New Year
Joyeau Noel Merry Christmas
Bonne Pacques Happy Easter
A votre sante to your health (formal or plural)
A ta sante to your health (informal)
Bon voyage Have a nice trip
Allez bonne route Have a nice car trip

Making plans:
Il ya beaucoup des possibilities. There are many possibilities.
Que veux-tu faire. What do you want to do?
Ce que tu veux. Whatever you like.
Que veux-tu qu'on fasse? What to you want to do together?
(fasse is in the subjective, which we will not learn. Just memorize this expression.)
Ca m'est egal. I don't care
C'est tois qui decide. It's up to you.
Allons au cinema, musee, zoo. Let's go to the movies, museum, zoo.
On pourrait au parc. We can go to the park.
Que veux-tu faire quand il fait noir What do you want to do after dark?
On va au cinema, musee, zoo? Do you want to go to the movies, museum, zoo?
On pourrait We could:
Lire un livre Read a book
Regarder la tele Watch TV
Ecouter de la musique Listen to music
Jouer aux cartes Play cards
Jouer sur l'ordinateur Play with the computer
Faire du francais Study French

Tu aime le basketball? Do you like basketball?
J'aime le football. I like football
Le tennis Tennis
Le football americain American football
Je n'aime pas le football americain. I don't like American football
Le golf Golf
Le baseball Baseball

Pour aller aux toilettes? How to I get to the restrooms?
Le restaurant est ouvert jusqu'a quel heure? The restaurant is open until what time?
Depeche-ttoi, tu es en retard. Hurry up, you are late.
Depechez- vous, vous etes en retard. Hurry up, you are late.

What Did We Learn?

  1. How to I get to ___________( pick anyplace you would like to go)?
  2. I don't like __________________(pick something you don't like).
  3. How much is the _______________(pick something you want to buy)?
  4. Can I pay by ___________________(pick the mode you like to pay in)?
  5. Do you want to go to _____________(pick a place you'd like to go)?
  6. We can go to the ________________(pick a place you'd like to go).
  7. Practice all of your polite phrases: please, thank you, you're welcome, excuse me.
  8. Practice these useful sentences: What do you want to do? I don't care; it's up to you. Whatever you like.
  9. Let's go to a restaurant, the park, the zoo, a museum.
  10. I want to stay home.


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